[Math] Links from the aggregator I found interesting


This prize is pretty impressive. Obviously I think it’s a good thing to give a bit of a “rockstar” treatment to pure mathematicians, and it’s great publicity. But part of me also thinks that 15m would fund an awful lot of grad student years (500!).

A Pretty Identity

It was new to me that Lagrange had a “proof” of the parallel postulate. Good to know I’m far from the first guy to do something like this.

Spaghetti Code Crypto

“Code Obfuscation” sounds cool, and it’s nice that the idea has a formalism behind it.

 Happy Birthday Richard Stanley!

All I knew about this guy before was that he is a big (old) name in combinatorics. I love seeing some of the history behind the name.

A Physically Universal Cellular Automaton

Some impressive work from a first-year student at MIT.

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